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Re: People are missing the point... wouldn't buy a 365 JUST to use with a tablet, it would complement your other kit. So in a meeting, do you presentation from Powerpoint, scribble some notes in One note on the train, email a word document etc, all sync'd to 365. Then go back to the office / home and jump on your laptop and tidy it all up and create the next batch of stuff you need.

Ah, I see. Why does that sound familiar? Oh, yes, I've been doing that with Keynote for ages. Not a big fan of Pages, though, I tend to use a combination of LibreOffice and Daedalus/Ulysses (using the beta on iOS and OSX) which works fine for me and costs nothing. And that's just Apple, Google has this working too.

Having said that, in larger businesses where execs are still allowed to blow budgets on MS Office I guess this may be of interest, if anyone trusts the MS cloud. We don't.

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