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Microsoft Outlook comes to Android, iOS: MS email now a bit less painful on mobile

Lee D Silver badge

No thanks.

In all those years it took you to get here, there's been a whole raft of products that do the same, and they wanted my money, gave me the features, "just work" and have done for years (decades) in some cases.

Exchange accounts are pretty standard on all Android phones and if you want deep integration then things like Touchdown, etc. only cost a few quid. Everything else, well, if you can't do IMAP and SMTP with your email, it's not really an email account.

I can't imagine many people CHOOSE Outlook because its workflow is so much better than all the competition. They choose it because their workplace is Exchange and they want to integrate with it. I've survived all my IT career without Outlook on my desktop, yet I still have every email I've ever sent or received, and I can schedule things on calendars, answer votes, attend meetings, etc. alongside everything else on any platform, at any time.

The time to open this sort of thing up and start providing Office, Outlook, IE (yuck!), etc. on other platforms was about the time you got sued for anti-competitive behaviour in the EU. But at the time, you were too busy turning off my Hotmail so I couldn't collect it with POP3 any more and stuff like that.

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