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BITE that APPLE if you want to escape the Android garden, Microsoft

Indolent Wretch

Yet more total garbage from this rapidly deteriorating website.

"If Redmond's going to win, it needs to bet on Apple"

Well that's the most stupid thing I've heard all year. Admittedly it's still January.

Or maintain a code base with 3 mobile compilation targets and not just 2?

Given that the mobile bits have probably been written in a cross platform environment.

Because it should be interested in selling it's software to the most people possible?

"It should welcome Android's reversal and the ascent of iOS devices"

Based on what? The fact Samsung sold less phones and Apple finally released the bigger iPhone that a lot of people wanted? Record profits is not dominance it's merely an indicator of margin.

But if you are going to stick that into your article at least back it up by showing an obvious worldwide trend in mobile use. When I last looked Android was laughably dominant worldwide.

"but the App Store meant more to app makers' bottom lines; it made 70 per cent more money than Google Play"

Please join the dots from that pointless non-sequitur to where it makes any difference to Microsoft who are charging..... NOTHING. Admittedly you can get an Office 365 subscription which I'm sure is the same for both systems.

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