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I remember when we first got internet we went with wanadoo which was brilliant, apparently cheap (I wasn't the bill payer so don't really know on this) unlimited data, good speed (for the time)

Then wanadoo changed to freeserve and things carried on in the exact same way.

Then it changed again to orange, and everything went to shit. Started getting letters threatening to cut us of for going over a data allowance we never agreed to, our speed started to gradually drop to a snails pace where we were told we'd have to upgrade out package to get decent speeds back (which would also tie us into another two year contract with them). Effectively they were shit.

As far as mobile went, I couldn't really fault their customer service recently, I'd get through quickly and they'd normally sort my issue there and then. What did bug me was how often I had to call them, pretty much every month. The phone came with some pre-installed orange crapware on it which I couldn't uninstall, and was hooked in to some orange subscription service. In the end I rooted the phone to get rid of it because it was pissing me off. Then there was the free deezer data that wasn't free every other month... In the end I left for giffgaff. Simple, basic, PAYG (well rolling monthly contract really) no real issues.

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