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Because god knows we wouldn't want students to have to use their imagination.

I've seen AR museums and historical sites, and heard their designers and curators wax rhapsodic over their educational advantages. I've yet to hear even a slightly persuasive argument from any of them.

This sort of thing might eventually make AR mildly popular among the rich (which includes the middle class in developed countries) - people who don't have anything better to worry about. And yes, it has some specific applications in specific industries; I'm sure we're all familiar with the litany (warehouse inventory! surgery! showing idiots how to assemble a sink drain!).

Personally, though, I found AR unimpressive and undesirable at SIGGRAPH '89, except for some very specific applications, and a quarter-century later I still find it unimpressive and undesirable. I doubt methodologically-sound studies, should any be devised and conducted, would show much improvement in any metric (productivity, quality, etc) due to the use of AR with most common tasks. And that definitely includes the vast majority of educational exercises.

JFTR, I've taught at the college level and studied pedagogy, so I have a little experience in the area.

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