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Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset

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Anonymous Coward

This is awesome tech. Such potential. Just imagine playing digital chess (or any board game) with a friend who is across the country. You have his skype window pinned to the chair opposite you and playing on a "hologram" chess board. Or your local D&D group could get high tech and actually see their campaign come alive on the table before them.

Personally if I had the money I would make a business out of these devices, what I mean is get an office building with a few floors. Gut the insides and put up an almost maze like partitions. Make a LARP style Dungeon Crawler where you round a corner and see a couple of skeletons or zombies. You and your friends have bows, swords or magic that you control with hand gestures. Looking for the treasure or the boss floor. Would be an awesome experience I and many gamers would pay for. Could have the players characters level up and collect gear. The potential is mind boggling.

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