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Dsenior wrote:

"You can not be given a group admin role in compass unless you are a full appointed member , ie DBS / PVG done and Safe guarding modules completed".

That's not true either.

Policy, Organisation and Rules [of The Scout Association], January 2015 edition has a table of roles and appointments that need, or do not need, a Disclosure. Group, District and County Administrators are listed as not requiring a Disclosure.

This forum is messing about, and won't paste the link properly, so I've had to split it into two parts. Cut-and-paste-and-join these two lines to get a sensible link:


Look at page 166 onwards - there are actually a lot of appointments that don't require a disclosure.

Indeed, if "Administrator" is their *only* appointment, and they don't have any other role that would mean they are engaging in "Regulated Activity", obtaining a Disclosure for them would be illegal.

Now it's possible, of course, that the implementation of Compass doesn't recognise that there are some adult appointments that don't need a disclosure...

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