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A Spokesman Telling Porky Pies?

“Every adult using the system will have been thoroughly vetted via criminal records disclosure checks”, he said.”.

Well, that’s just an outright lie. Maybe an unintentional lie, by a misinformed spokesman, but it's not true.

Some roles and adult appointments in The Scout Association don't require a criminal records disclosure.

Moist notably, the role of "Group [/District / county] Administrator" doesn't have to have one.

*Parents* are also given a “membership number”, when they are entered against their child’s information. As I understand it, the “membership number” is the unique ID used for the database.

Provide the parent has an e-mail address entered as well, they can also access the system – albeit only to see their child’s data, and nobody elses – but they are an “adult using the system”.

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