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One thing my sprog said was why make the Netflix screen so small, to which I replied that you would have to have a surface that was flat at least to 'project' the movie on because otherwise bits of the real world would stick out into the picture.

If the 'screen' were opaque, VR style, this might be ok, the bigger the display, the greater the risk of tripping etc. if you move around.

If the image is not solid enough for that, the background (say a wall) would need to be whiteish.

Or, the display would need a layer which could be made opaque (including white) at the pixel level to make a screen to project on.

Would the Netflix stay where it was or stay where you are looking, the former seems most likely but the latter seems useful sometimes - since you are the only one watching it after all.

Maybe it would just float in space, change size based on whether you were moving about, for safety, and have an opaque 'screen'.

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