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All I want to know is... we get a proper Menu back, or are you sticking to that cluster fuck of a "Ribbon" UI? It's not Accessible, even my Sighted Friends & Family can't stand the bloody thing, and we could all get our work done in a more fluid & intuitive manner if you just gave us a classic menuing UI to use.

Even if it's just a "Use Classic or Modern" radio option, if we have the choice of what UI theme to use, then we can use the one that fits our workflow rather than try to relearn all the keyboard shortcuts to figure out where the hell you've hidden $Function again.

Seriously, Alt+F to open the menu, Right Arrow to the Edit section, and Arrow Down until we find the Sort function may have taken a bit versus SightedFolks using the mouse to clickclickclick straight to it, but the damned Ribbon makes it fucking impossible to do even the most basic of tasks. I've had to use NotePad++ to do any word processing, because Microsoft Word 2010 "Professional" is anything *BUT* Professional. It's a pain in the ass, the Ribbon sucks monkey bung, and we want a classic menu back...

But what the fuck do I know? I'm just a paying customer whom will wait to hear if that ribbon is back before making my purchasing descision. If that ribbon is back, or gods forbid something worse, then MS can kiss my money goodbye. And NO, I will NOT get an Office365 subscription - I like keeping my data local, under my own control, and NOT spaffed in some imbicillic "cloud" for everyone & their dog to data mine, Thankyouveryfuckingmuch. I'll spend my money on something that can open/save MS Office formats, but does NOT treat me like a crayon snorting Yoof. I hear Jarte is such a company worthy of my coin.


So, seriously Microsoft, give us a classic menu option for the UI. No ribbon, no touchy bullshit, no Metro/Modern ejaculate from the loins of a diseased MyLittlePony, just a simple, intuitive, sane Alt Menu that lets me get my damned work done.

I'd ask if that was too hard to code, but given your "progression" from "Ribbon" to "Metro", your track record is headed distinctly downhill...

In a rocket sled with the throttle shoved to the stops.

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