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Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset

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It's hard to judge from photos, the minecraft and skype pick I immediately thought, the Nintendo 3DS could do something similar (except you'd have to have a head cradle that held the handheld at on or around 30Cm from your eyes to avoid that (this is giving me a headache) feeling.

Then I saw the NASA application and I just thought WOW.

Microsoft don't do too badly on hardware, the Kinect is'nt a bad piece of kit either, I quite like their keyboars and mice (last ages), I even liked the consoles (the 360 (wired) controller is much respected for the price). It's the lack of personal control, security and software decisions that bother me (I'm sure even the RT is a fine piece of kit, sold at a reasonable price and with the freedom to put a decent OS on it).

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