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I've been called a Google Glass apologist, but this is what the device should have been. Full lens display enabling augmented reality, not a corner display that causes eye strain. Go ahead, wear it while driving... the people who can afford the best of these products in 5 years will be among the first to adopt driverless cars as well.

If Intel makes smaller and more powerful "Quark" type chips, and more fashion designers get brought on board, it could be possible for one of these companies (Google, Microsoft, Sony, etc.) to make a smartglasses model that are indistinguishable from normal glasses (at least the ones with thicker frames) or sunglasses. Tiny cameras are Cold War technology... make it small enough, and every spectacle bearer could be a hidden glasshole. The self-contained nature of HoloLens (and whatever this marketing speak secondary GPU does) might enable less input lag than Oculus or a smartphone-tethered pair of glasses. So possible less AR/VR barfing.

In any case, professionals and niches are a good first target. Surgeons for Glass, NASA for HoloLens.

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