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Not only that; TVs are increasingly being used as "output display for gaming console" and thus all that fancy-schmancy tech is useless. Hell, even 4k is ignored, as the new gen can't do 4K at all!

So for people like me, who mostly use their TVs for gaming, all these Smart TV thingies are only uberexpensive monitors. It's bad for TV vendors, as the gaming community is usually the one that pushes for higher-res stuff, but we're already OK with 1080p. Hell, we don't even need 120Hz! So no mad gaming push like there was for 1080p when the PS3 came out.

And casual TV users care even less about their TV sets. I've seen far too many people watching shows in Stretch-O-Vision (when you forcibly show 4:3 content as 16:9), I doubt they even care about 1080p. 4k? Not a chance. 4k is the new "3D".

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