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China? If they are not already your suppliers, they're going to be your customers.

Yes, but that doesn't change anything. Chinese firms that stick with ASCII domain names, at least for things like email addresses, will avoid compatibility issues with partners that don't support IDNs. That's a competitive advantage, so there's incentive not to switch to an IDN.

Legacy IT is much more durable in industry than it is in the flighty, low-risk consumer realm. Right or wrong, that's going to significantly delay IDN uptake for industry.

IDNs address a long-standing usability issue - some argue an ethical one - with DNS. But as the article notes they come with serious and difficult1 problems for implementation, security, and usability.

1I don't know how many epic threads on the topic I've sat through on the W3C and IETF URI discussion lists. The phrase "pile of poo dot com" (one of the canonical examples of "do we support this?", referring to the eponymous emoji, U+1F4A9) will forever be with me.

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