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Demon Memories

First got involved with Demon back in 90few when they stuck a Disk on a Magazine with summat called KA9Q on it.. I was amazed that it could apparently handle multiple sessions at the same time on a DOS Box.. connected via Pace Linnet Modem, the BT cable running up the stairs, .. via modem pools and Points of presence. Clockwork timers on the modem power supply to avoid the dialup high charging time bands..

Eeeh tell that to young'uns today and they'd just ignore you as usual..

Rumour had it that Demon the software company just happened to have bought a fat pipe for itself and was basically selling of excess capacity

Then TurnPike and my own static IP. The techy guys were always very helpful and knowledgable, the billing was a bit more chaotic, but we kept the faith even after Thus took over. It was only when C&W then Voda got hold of it and after repeated failures to deliver an FTTC service a lot of us just had to leave.. Shame really..

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