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I'm a software tester and if I'm going to work on a bad project I would rather it be agile than waterfall.

I've recently finished a contract where almost no-one talked to each other and there were silos of control all over the place. The project was waterfall and most times I would pick up the specification and find the code didn't match, usually a month or more after it had been completed. Every time it would end up that the dev had 'interpreted' a different version of the spec and the business analyst had a version which was almost all in their brains. I spent most of my time during testing discovering specifications and what time I had remaining I would raise bugs that would be descoped and never fixed. Because it was waterfall both groups were reluctant to talk to me and discuss what it is they had done.

If it had been agile at least there would have been an expectation that they should talk to each other and me. There would also be an expectation that the code should be available to me sooner rather than later.

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