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"So the answer is we have to take Openreach away from BT. This has some merits, and some issues"

Exactly right., We have a private monopoly who cannot see further than the end of their nose with a so called regulator who is full of apologists for BT.

On the face of it LLU was a good idea but badly implemented. In a rural location the economics ruled out any unbundling for years. When Homechoice started unbundling it took Ofcom 6 months to get off their arse and force BT not to delay because BT's paperwork trail was not capable of handing the volume.

SDSL was never implemented in a realistic fashion because of the massive impact it would have on BT leased lines.

Instead of extending IP to the cabinet (ie 21C network) BT will procrastinate until forced to because they need to justify £16.50 line rental for every household regardless of the quality of the 100 pairs of bundled cables even when the consumer ( in the shape of public 100% subsidies) is paying for the infrastructure to the cabinet.

A completely different model is needed for Openreach and Ofcom. Our only hope is for Google to pressure the government :-)

In case I have not mentioned it before, I FEEL the need after being without service for 37 days even though fibre was installed outside my house 6 months previously and not a penny of compensation.

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