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Yeah, however there is an offence in most English speaking countries known as "perverting the course of justice".

As far as I am aware a transport/taxi inspector is not a law enforcement officer and thus no such crime has been committed. Had they been doing the same to State or Federal Police phones then there may be a case to answer. However they have also covered themselves with the suspicious activity tag. If they block it, "investigate it", and several days later (due to volume) they unblock it then no crime has been committed but you have fallen foul of something that is no doubt in the T&Cs. They have every right to secure their platform from abuse. That the local vested interests do not like it is really neither here nor there. I personally have not used Uber but I appreciate that it should force the local cab companies to smarten their act, improve their drivers, and make their fares more reasonable. Cab fares in Queensland really take the piss.

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