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In similar vein, why not internationalise air transport? Why shouldn't a <insert rare minority language> pilot be able to communicate in his own language with any control tower anywhere in the world? And shouldn't the tower be able to answer in its language of choice?

Silly example I know, but for some purposes (porpoises if you are from the big round cornered one) it is rather sensible to standardise for what is increasingly international communication.

Like it or not, English, for two reasons in particular, has become the international standard. Firstly, as a result of the British Empire and resultant trade it has been spread around the world over several centuries and become a de facto standard for international communication and secondly the spelling has sensibly cut out all the unnecessary extra characters and accents. (The Septics have helped somewhat in this process in killing a few dipthongs.)

In countries like India where there are so many local languages English as one of thes official languages is a positive advantage internally as well as externally.

Some idiot tried to invent an international language - Esperanto. I suspect more people are fluent in Klingon.

Seems to me, if there is a properly defined and accepted standard (I said standard not standards - good luck with that one) the coding is not a major problem. The potential confusion and resulting security risks are. I'll bet there are no solutions to that one. Do you really want to have yet another set of wackamole security patches to worry about?

No doubt some countries will want to do it, and probably ok internally if they have a sensible character set and the webmaster kills the confusion of all the others. Including English. I wonder how many sites would go for it?

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