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What if??

Drivers who are operating for the UberX platform are really putting themselves and their passengers at a massive risk. Scenario - They have an accident, the paying passenger is injured and ends up in a wheel chair for the rest of his/her life. I would bet the drivers third party insurance company would not pay out a dime leaving the passenger to take the matter through the civil court system. Not a great prospect of getting anything in compensation as the driver I bet would not have the funds to remotely pay a dime. He would then have to declare bankrupcy to avoid any further legal action.

So, 2 lives ruined all for the want of a bunch of yanks flouting our laws in the name of making money. There are a number of cases in the US where these guys have actually threatened journalists if they write anything bad. I wonder if they will try that trick here in Oz? They are not a very nice bunch and the word ethics does not exist in their vocabulary.

The laws governing taxi's are there to protect the public and they do it well. Pity the drivers are not put through the same process as those in the UK and have to have "The Knowledge" which is one reason why people are pissed off and then go and use an unsafe system such as Uber.

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