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David Cameron: I'm off to the US to get my bro Barack to ban crypto – report


Utterly pointless

Doesn't this smell unconstitutional? Isn't this against human rights?

Whatever next? banning slang, talking, double seats on busses, congregations, gyms, clubs. pubs.

Fuck I could go on, you have never needed encrypted messaging to plan an attack. You can actually meet and discuss in person, or over the fucking phone. Hell, for all we know (pass me my tin foil hat) some commentards on here could be using code words to assist the ne'er-do-wells in carrying out some explosive mischief. This sort of bullshit posturing is pointless and actually detracts from sensible anti-terrorism. And why does this fucking clown want to ban something? Yep, that's right. He wants to ban something because less that 1% of people want to blow up shit and kill people.

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