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What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

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Even stego's got limits...

"This was tried years ago by a US politician famous for adapting Arthur Scargill's speeches. The result was some steganography software that disguised encrypted messages as text in the style of Arthur Scargill's speeches."

If sent through a text sanitizer that enforced strict spacing, removing all excessive whitespace and perhaps auto-correcting typos and replacing odd international characters, I don't think any text stego would survive.

"The biggest danger to any government is not a guy in the desert with an AK47. It is a citizen with a vote. An AK47 with no ammo is reasonably safe."

Except it makes an acceptable club as well, No ammo necessary. Or perhaps even a bat for chucking rocks...

As for the citizen with the vote, all any REAL power monger has to do is usurp and render all the laws in the world mere ink on a page.

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