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I'm starting to wonder if the real tradgedy might not be that the politicians *have* to behave so venally and roll-out ineffective 'sound-bite' solutions because, bluntly, most of the population is pig-shit thick (QED look at which TV shows get what ratings) and demand simplistic solutions. Which means the politicians dare not fail to pander to the mob's emotions - especially once 'the media' start whipping up hysteria about the 'threat' of (insert today's threat here) - Otherwise they'll crash and burn at the polls.

For those politicians who are decent, genuine folk (there are SOME in all the parties) the dilemma then becomes, 'Do I trot out some unworkable platitudes about how to deal with today's latest witch hunt so I can maybe survive long enough to do something I think is good where it matters, or do I act morally now and get dragged down by the baying mob and in so doing let that unprincipled, self-serving gravy-trainer from the other party in to sell everything out for a ministerial car and a seat in the Lords'?

Bugger innit?

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