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What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

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Not only do they not know much about IT - They don't know THAT much about the people they want to vote for 'em either…….

Frankly I don't much like the posh boy and I utterly loath May


All the other B'stards seem irrevocably committed to stealing the pittance I have managed to squirrel away – Apparently to offset their ****ing up of most things economic.

And that pushes me reluctantly into having to support posh boy.

Yet somehow everytime the blue rinse ladies of their lame focus groups come out with more ‘great concepts’ like this (when they’re not obsessing about anyone having the temerity to drive at more then 20 mph) they seem hell bent on making it impossible for me to actually vote for ‘em!

This 1984 ‘Freedom’ to be surveilled - rather than actually have free speech (which they killed off in the 90s) - is unconscionable.

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