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What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

Steven Raith

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Mycho, they're all idiots anyway.

MP gets genius idea, and advisers, civil servants and their assistants aren't competent enough to say "What on Gods green earth are you talking about? That's unethical and technically near impossible. Do not say that in front of the cameras and don't try to implement it behind closed doors under any circumstances."

Alas, there are too few people high enough up in the CS with tech chops to be able to say these things, and the ones with the knowledge either don't have the stones to say it, or aren't 'of the right sort' enough to get into a high enough position to have their objections taken seriously.

The senior civil service needs a massive kick up the arse when it comes to technical knowledge - because there's fuck all in there right now where it matters.

Steven R

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