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Not so, I think someone needs to refer to the Highway Code;

Rules for pedestrians

Zebra crossings. Give traffic plenty of time to see you and to stop before you start to cross. Vehicles will need more time when the road is slippery.

Wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing.

Remember that traffic does not have to stop until someone has moved onto the crossing.

Keep looking both ways, and listening, in case a driver or rider has not seen you and attempts to overtake a vehicle that has stopped.

Rules for Drivers

Zebra crossings. As you approach a zebra crossing

look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross

you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing

allow more time for stopping on wet or icy roads

do not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching

be aware of pedestrians approaching from the side of the crossing.

So you don't automatically lose your licence... what you can prove though is something different

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