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Have an upvote. This is exactly the issue - people just do not understand or care. As long as their ipads work ok IT is a boring, dry subject. And politicians all lie so I'll stay at home and ignore politics.

You don't even need to be technically knowledgeable about the subject (what i know about cryptography you write on a stamp) but I understand the ethical and democratic issues around this whole sleight of hand and it terrifies me. I don't even believe anyone person or group is deliberately being 'evil' par se, I just think gchq et al are obsessed with getting their brief done (and ignoring all pesky issues on democracy), I think the politicians in power are clueless on both civil liberties/how computers work and the electorate, in the main, are even more clueless and apathetic. All of which doesn't change the eventual outcome regardless of anyone's intentions, sinister or otherwise...we are slowly sleepwalking away from the idea of a modern democratic state. Education is the key.

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