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Yeah neither the internet nor crypto have anything to do with terrorism. If there was somehow some way to stop all internet terrorist activity they'd just switch to sending letters around or the ever classic two tins and a long piece of string or better still meet in a bar once a week.

For damaging the security of crypto (which is so disgustingly outside the realms of the UK security services capability I've lost my earlier sense of humour on the subject) you trash the UK's economy and arguably the world because all banking, shopping, trading etc transactions have to stop while we come up with something new.

VPNs, your connection with Amazon, banking trades, TOR etc work off the same protocols which is precisely what confers security on them in the first place - they all look the same to anybody who doesn't have the right private keys.

"Would we rather give up all privacy and possibly have a few less terrorist attacks or put up with the CURRENT LEVEL of attacks and keep all of our encryption."

If the level of attacks increased (much as I've been ridiculing Donald Trump over this issue) we should probably look at revisiting the relevant laws for defensive weapons before we break our entire way of life and economic system.

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