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...a car fail to stop when a pedestrian had stepped foot on a zebra crossing...

The problem is pedestrians know full well they can step down and start crossing once a car is about a metre or so away form the crossing - they'll cross behind the passing car - and they have exactly zero interest in your concern that you might lose your license because they technically stepped off in front of you, even if no-one in their right mind would expect you to be able to stop that late. The plod still expects you to (naturally).

This was all within a space of 20 minutes in a small town. Number of cyclists committing offences? 0

The number of dickwad car drivers and cyclists together is dwarfed by at least an order of magnitude by the number of Darwin award nominee pedestrians who never even bother to look either way and simply just dart across a road with their eyes firmly lowered to the ground wherever and whenever they feel like it - older folks are doing this as their main form of locomotion, in my experience. Runner up prize for the retards who never quite understood that the fact that a car should always stop when you cross at a crossing does not mean you should not always personally check that they'll be actually able to do so if you step down right now.

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