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Please, let's leave the car-vs-cyclist argument aside . . . (It seems it's just as popular in London as in Sydney.)

On my point, however, the NSW Police force did have a bit of a blitz about a year ago in the city, issuing fines for people crossing unsafely and apparently it had an immediate impact in reduced pedestrian injuries.

That was great and is exactly the kind of thing we need - enforce the laws. Not every second of every day but enough so that people at least think twice. The problem there was that it was pretty much a one-off as I haven't seen them since. I'm sure there have been other areas similarly targetted but people have short memories and you need to keep reminding them.

So here we had an operation that proved my point - if you actually enforce the laws, you get a result. But, sadly, the laws were enforced for a brief period only and then it was evidently considered too hard or a waste of police time so the alternative they chose was to drop the speed limit instead.

This is the kind of thing that absolutely hacks me off - they HAVE a solution that works to achieve their stated goal and they KNOW it works. They crowed about how well it worked at the time. But, they decided on the easier option of just inconveniencing and penalising everyone instead.

And, as Kevin implied, enforcing speed limits is just a few cameras away so it's always a preferred option rather than actually getting out there and making sure people being safe.

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