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According to Transport for London more cars jump red lights than cyclists.

Monday I saw a car jump a red, a car fail to stop when a pedestrian had stepped foot on a zebra crossing, another car about to fail to stop until gestured at, a car parked on double yellow, another car parked on double yellow partially obstructing the single lane middle of a city road, a car pull out and sit partially in a traffic box as there was traffic preventing them proceeding. This was all within a space of 20 minutes in a small town. Number of cyclists committing offences? 0.

How many fatalities have there been where cyclists have killed pedestrians? How many for cars?

The problem for both forms of transports are cockwombles who don't consider others, or even their own actions. The almost as large problem is those in cars not realising that the impact of them acting that way is significantly more severe than a cyclist as cyclists are going much slower and don't weigh in at over a tonne.

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