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You see it all along George street in Sydney every (week)day!

And of course you DEFINITELY see cyclists (especially couriers) doing it too - almost hit by one just a few days ago as he raced through the lights as I was crossing. In terms of the number of cars that do this vs the number of cars that don't, yes, it's a small percentage but then the number of pedestrians hit is also a small percentage.

I see many more pedestrians crossing dangerously, of course.

The point is simply that speed, per se, is not the issue - it's people who aren't obeying the existing laws. Obviously, the faster a car is going, the more damage it will do but if drives follow their rules and pedestrians follow theirs then it's not an issue.

Further reducing the speed limit in that example is not addressing the core problem, just as trying to outlaw encrypted communications is not addressing the core problem (such as it is in the context).

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