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What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

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Encrypt Everything

Cameron is talking as if they have some pre-conceived right to view our private conversations. They don't!

I would rather the very small chance of being shot or blown up than to live in a totalitarian state where everything I say to someone else is added to a database where computers decide if I am potentially against the government or whatever,

The spooks are not worried about SSL as they can easily do man-in-the-middle attacks (some mobile carriers do this just to reduce network load) but they are having issues with the better encryption. Snapchat fixed an issue with symmetric keys which closed one hole and WhatsApp had proper advice from the guys who brought us TextSecure and RedPhone, meaning they are fairly robust in the encryption area.

TIme to start using encryption even when it's not needed, just to show disdain for the snooping laws.

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