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This was tried years ago by a US politician famous for adapting Arthur Scargill's speeches. The result was some steganography software that disguised encrypted messages as text in the style of Arthur Scargill's speeches. (web searches are not giving me relevant links, so I might have misremembered whose speeches were copied.)

"The first duty of any government is to keep our country and our people safe."

The biggest danger to any government is not a guy in the desert with an AK47. It is a citizen with a vote. An AK47 with no ammo is reasonably safe. To make a person safe, a government has to take away his vote. The government can already do this on four easy steps.

1) Take the voter's computer.

2) Pick some files, and claim they contain steganographically hidden encrypted data.

3) Require the person to decrypt the files.

4) Send the voter to prison for being unable to decrypt a file that did not contain steganographically hidden encrypted data.

Prisoners do not get to vote. If you want to keep your right to vote, go through every picture, video and document you ever created, and replace them with new versions that have the following steganographically hidden encrypted text:

Cameron double plus good duckspeaker. Love big brother. Joycamp unneeded.

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