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Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Erik condemns Agile but his "move fast and break things" is equally rash and unsystematic. What he recommends is a more sever form of Agile having the same fundamental flaw of NO OVERALL GOAL, NO PLAN but all rash and random action!

This is what I posted where his article was cited:

It is NOT clear what Agile is. Some claim it is a set of principles and others claim it is a methodology.

AA: A principle must be well defined and should be valid under specified conditions. It should not lend itself to multiple interpretations and unspecified open-ended conditions (like the skill, judgment, versatility, understanding, culture, team spirit etc.). The principle should facilitate its application and speed up whatever is to be done but NOT become a point of debate and distraction.

BB: A methodology must have well defined action steps to be carried out with a set of well-defined tools in some specified manner and assure expected results within specified tolerances. Such results must be obtainable repeatedly and reliably by any qualified / trained practitioners within specified conditions.

Agile Manifesto is a set of beliefs which fails to meet AA or BB. Thus, it has become an excuse for doing what the team likes and claim it is Agile. As a consequence it is utterly useless as a principle or a methodology.

I agree with the general conclusions of Erik, though not with all his other claims.


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