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of course business analysts prefer agile. you get away with writing vague specs and chucking the risk over to the developers and testers.

when the shit hits the fan, users don't go back to reading your specs to work out what was agreed. and if they do it's so vague they read into it whatever they want.

no. what happens is the developers end up capturing the specs *you* were supposed to capture, the functionality has to be rewritten and the testers have to redo their tests (which they have to rewrite beforehand).

i've noticed a steep decline in the quality of output from business analysts since agile became popular. i've also noticed any idiot can (and does) train to be a ba when they appear to be unable to fulfill any other function in the company. rubbish at everything? you can be a ba!

apologies to all the good ba's. i know a few and they get lots of flack from the numpties who charge the same rates but struggle to tie their shoe laces.

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