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"As always huge debate is raised by a minority when the majority doesn't give a toss. "

Read and you will see that the Police already make great use of the NHS Back Office Demographics Service to find people who are of interest to them. Once the Police have access to everyone's entire medical history (mission creep happens, especially starting in the names of National Security and Protecting the Children and then like RIPA being expanded to investigation of dog-poo and allocation of school places!) what use will they make of that access? Just as at present the Met Police automatically gets a copy of an arrested person's Oyster card records "just in case there is anything of interest in them", and most police forces get a copy of the arrested person's telephone and internet records "just in case ...", do you not think it likely that Mr Plod will demand complete medical records "just in case ..."? And that those records will stay on the Police National Computer for ever, because there will be no statutory scheme requiring their deletion.

The Stasi had incomplete records because they had to rely on informants and on paper record keeping systems. Now that both of those errors have been corrected, do you not see how efficient the system can become?

The majority who don't give a toss at present will wake up one day and wish they had. By then it will be too late.

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