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Matt, there are an infinite number of possible guesses, and your probability of guessing something is remote. Any methodology that iteratively attempts to "home in" on a solution based on the next set of guesses is inherently broken.

I stopped going to the guessing game meetings and spent my time analysing the fundamentals of the issues that we were trying to address, in order that I might be able to clearly articulate the issue at hand and subsequently formulate solutions to the then well understood issue. This is apparently not very agile and I continue to pay an "organisational " price for my open antipathy to the whole agile ethos around here. I manage to keep my job because I am actually phenomenally good at abstract problem analysis (I have a very strange brain well suited and educated for this task), and my solutions make this evident - my productivity and output exceeds that of entire agile teams in many cases, and I definitely write was less code than they do. YMMV

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