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".....All the hangers on, BA's, PM's, architects and other work dodgers love it because they can't code but they can all talk none stop bollocks in a meeting......" IMHO, I think it's more to do with the management numbers game. Modern management practices taught on MBA courses and the like totally focus on efficiency/productivity and putting a number/value against everything in some Excel spreadsheet somewhere. They can then crunch the numbers and supposedly tell senior management "exactly where we are". They always want to be able to put a number on coder productivity, like estimating each coder will produce a thousand lines of code each per week with an average of three bugs per coder - complete rubbish, but it is numbers they can crunch. I have had great fun trying to explain that tasks differ in complexity, that a coder may complete a thousand lines on an easy task in a day or two, bug-free, because it is a task that is easy or well-known, but the same coder could struggle to complete a really tricky coding task in a thousand lines in a month. Inevitably, I get asked to "qualify" the difficulty of a task with some form of "difficulty factor" so they can slap a sum into a cell in their spreadsheet and think they have it covered. I have even had requests to "grade" project team members, irrespective of the fact coders are all different and how they performed on one task could have zero bearing on a new and completely different task. IMHO, they like Agile because it says every period of X weeks they get a sprint and a release, which is measurable.

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