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Wow, down voted and told your job is crap because you have 10 mins/day and 2 hours/week in planning meetings.

My tuppence recalls that, as meetings go, planning meetings involve the developers and are at peer level - not a PP presentation or looking at some awful Gantt chart - infinitely better.

The 10mins/day, stuck to rigorously, allows one to bemoan someone not producing that thing you need and it quickly getting a red blob on a board or something indicating that a blockage is on-going and some manager needs to send a rocket somewhere.

All-in-all, I have found the experience much better than the preceding systems and I have three decades in the game.

Nothing is perfect but, done well (particularly stymieing the guy that ruins the planning meetings), Agile can work.

It also helps that the system produces a working system after every sprint, tested and ready. this means that engineers that deliver early can add stuff later because everyone knows that the system is on time without some nasty missing thing that hasn't been done (at least, if the planning was done correctly).

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