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"Then again he did once work for Microsoft and man, have we been buying the results of the 'move fast and break things' approach for years now." Actually, MS has a very good testing perspective and had a suite of good testing tools long before its competitors. I suspect MS's problems are more due to conflicting headline requirements - "make it easy to use" vs "make it secure", with the former winning at the design phase but the latter becoming more important in later development. If you identify imperfect requirements then no PM process on Earth is going to save you from delivering an imperfect product, and subsequent attempts to adapt an imperfect product is always going to be harder (but less of a case of market suicide in the case of Windows) compared to just starting with a fresh design.

I suspect Erik Meijer's problem is he is a "gasshole" - a super-genius asshole who continually irritates his colleagues with statements like "What, you couldn't see that?". I suspect he is one of those people that is so smart and good in the narrow field they work in that they have a problem realising not everyone can work to their level, hence the disparagement of processes he deems "unnecessary" or "irrelevant" because he is just too smart to need them.

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