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Coders v the world

Seems to me most people who actually type program code as a living agree that in their experience Agile is pants.

All the hangers on, BA's, PM's, architects and other work dodgers love it because they can't code but they can all talk none stop bollocks in a meeting.

If you have ever spent hours getting into deep concentration to deal with a complex issue only to be interrupted for a pointless meeting to hear what irrelevant bobbins your teamies are up to, you would hate meetings too. And scum with its daily scum master led micro-Mc-miss-management is the worst. The task switch cost is enormous, the opportunity cost massive. I hate to imagine the number of errors introduced on resuming coding after the daily scum concentration killer.

Seriously which other professionals are required to report in daily on what they have done and what they plan to do. Daily?? The number of projects where that level of coordination is regularly required is truly minuscule, and yet we are all forced to stand up and give praise to the great master of all scum. Ridiculous. I got them removed the last two places by pointing out the staggering productivity cost, replaced with a proper useful weekly update report and team building discussion, often in the pub.

If your team need a stand up meeting to coordinate and communicate you are doomed anyway.

Maybe fantasy Agile is a joy to behold and guarantees superb progress visibility, excellent risk management, exponentially high quality, early delivery, low cost epic software, but real world agile is shit.

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