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>>Great Britain is a weird land: people protested long and loudly at the very idea of Identity cards, even simple, basic ones, while being quite happy to use passports, copies of bank statements and utility bills to provide the proof of identity needed for banking, car hire or just to buy a drink or cigarettes. They tolerate the greatest density of private and state cameras and officials filming them with wearable cameras, while the same people object to the public filming them or their buildings and transport.<<

Being from that strange place we call "foreign" you probably don't know the detail behind the massive information land-grab euphemistically called "The UK ID Card".

First off, it wasn't actually the card that was being objected to for the most part, it was the database behind it. If the cards were optional and stand alone (like in many countries) then they probably would have been able to jam it through. However, it was tending towards mandatory and could easily have become de-facto mandatory given its intended usage; and the database was .. well .. just obscene from a security point of view.

Second it was punted as a "Gold Standard" identification document, but still only used the same 'leccy bill and birth certificate type proofs as its basis. This would mean that once someone had managed to subvert your card/database entry, THEY WERE OFFICIALLY YOU ! You couldn't even prove that you were you sufficient to be able to start the conversation about the fact your identity had been stolen as it wouldn't be *your* identity any more. That's what Gold Standard means.

FarceBake, Nectar Cards etc etc are all optional, temporary and opt-in. Yes I give Morrisburies information every time I swipe their loyalty card; but if I don't want to for some reason, I don't have to.

As for not objecting to the lunatic levels of physical and electronic surveillance we are subjected to ...... You do *read* El-Reg don't you ??! ;-)

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