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The pyramids were built incrementally though...... They did not just suddenly build the great pyramids perfectly first time!

Agile is by far the best way to build anything other than tiny projects. All these comments about it involving too much talk and too many requirement changes just points to how many people are doing it wrong. There should never be too much talk as the meetings should be kept to a bare minimum, Also managing requirement changes is what agile is all about, You can make the project owners aware of the impact of their changes by letting them pick what requirements now get thrown out as a result. The release date stays the same so if a new requirement comes in then a current one gets thrown out. This makes management etc think more before they change things. People are acting as if there are no requirement changes in Waterfall, there are and they cause major issues. Agile is just a way of managing the scope creep better. Most places I have been at have run frAgile which is where the developers are all on board with Agile but the rest of the business can't let go of the control they had with Waterfall.... this is by far the worst way of doing things but seems to be the most common.

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