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There was a standard opt-out document available

Not that I saw available from the GOVT or NHS directly they were from 3rd party groups or GP practices individually,

There was NOT one of the "MIS" Information leaflet sent out by HSCIC as that would have been too easy for every one to fill it in and show a huge middle finger to the plan.

As its not there it takes more work and those who may want to opt out but didnt know how or are too busy or lazy would not get round to doing it where as if the form had been on the document mailed then there would have been a resounding response.

I also didnt get a written reply from my GP despite requesting one. as for Hospitals i give them a letter when registering that says they dont have my permission to supply any of my information even if anonymised to any other organisation and specifically HSCIC.

Im thinking of sending a data protection subject access request to the HSCIC along with my £10 to see if they have complied. but then they have me on file and that will be logged and sold and inferences made from that fact :-(

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