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Speaking as a parasite I would say one of the problems with project managers is they often don't have experience of the sharp end for agile I guess its coders, I am more engineering and I have seen the same thing, you get someone who has no idea about engineering but know there way round an excel spreadsheet and got the nice Prince2 certificate and apparently this makes them fully qualified to understand a subject that most people spent three years sweating getting a B Eng for. Why ask your upper management who have been sold the marketing bullshit, seriously I have seen someone who has all the skills and working in a company as a project coordinator (knows the job, knows the contacts for clients etc, lots of construction experience) be overlooked in preference of them hiring externally someone who went and got herself a Prince2 foundation certificate before that she had been a secretary she lasted about two months btw before leaving due to stress....,

However also having seen some jobs go completely tits up because the engineers were left to sort it for themselves and have done stuff that makes you go "hold on I thought you were intelligent, so wtf?" Frankly some tech people can be blinding at their job and complete shite at understanding how it integrates into everything else that comes with running a business or even understand that a budget and profit margin may be quite relevant to continuing pay packets. I can say that some projects do need project management as long as they are the sort who can do a decent interface between the business side of things and the tech side.

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