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I always hoped it would lead to an end to "project managers" at all but sadly, most employers still reflexively insist on a "project manager" for every project.

The reason for the quotes is that these arseholes never actually manage anything. They're supposed to get information from developers to give to management about timeframes but treat estimates as deadlines in every case. Most have no clue what the project they're managing actually does. One once continually asked me if the unit tests were passing for a project which some other arsehole had decided should be 90% dynamically generated JavaScript (good fucking luck testing that) and didn't shut up until I came up with a set of dummy tests that tested nothing of importance and were all coded specifically to pass.

One used to insist on selecting the technologies and tools we'd use despite the fact that she literally never written a line of code in her life.

And these are not edge cases. These are normal. "Project managers" are parasitic scum but whichever methodology you select, you can guarantee that some cretin further up the food chain will insist that there has to be one.

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