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Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


I can only assume that his experience of scrums and agile development have been rather poor.

A short stand up is what you are meant to have. It's to focus your mind at the start of the day, let your team members know how you are doing, allow you to ask questions for your work, or of other's work, and spread knowledge you have that a developer may not.

As for TDD, it's rarely implemented to the book. But you do need tests. The tests (1) document the code's expected behaviour, (2) and stop code changes breaking what is tested, (3) encourage code to be written in a modular, testable manner, and (4) allow the developer to sleep at night (and more).

And I'm not just talking about unit tests, there's integration tests, component tests, etc. These all test the software at different levels, including the ability to model real world breakages.

Sure - there will be things that you haven't tested for that break. But that's better than simple things that you could have avoided breaking. I don't know about you, but I like sleeping at night instead of worrying, or getting phone calls to fix things.

And as for agile - what it means is "do what is necessary for this bit of work to be complete; don't do more, don't over design up front, don't anticipate future requirements (within reason). It really does mean "move fast" - but in a safe manner.

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