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>>"thus the data can be deanonymised by anyone with access to the NHS demographics"

You'll find the reply given on this one is that here are confidentiality agreements in place. I used to work for the NHS and back when they were rolling out the "Spine" and Connecting for Health (is CfH still a thing?), we raised Hell over access. The response was a very official sounding "only those bound by strict data confidentiality agreements will have access to the data". By which they meant every receptionist or medical secretary at any GP practice in the country could look up your records. I know - I tested it by looking up records that I had no right to access (they were MY OWN but I had no right to look them up in that role and the system did not know they were my own). The DoH people actually outright lied to us also. We were told that there was a system in place to track who had accessed which records. Not going to be, was. Under heavy questioning they finally admitted there wasn't any such monitoring and they had no time frame when it would be added (wasn't when I left the NHS).

Thee are a lot of hard-working people in the NHS from around middle PCT level down. Above that, career-minded liars, mostly. Do NOT trust the government integration programmes for the NHS whatever they are called this month. I have direct experience of working with these people. They can and will lie when they can get away with it and their interests are NOT your interests.

It would not in the least surprise me if the leaflet was deliberately sent to be printed prior to approval so that it would be "too late" to change. Incompetence is perfectly possible, but this is exactly the sort of sly shit I have seen from them in my time in the NHS.

Nuclear, because that's what should happen to everyone above middle management level in the NHS and everyone in the DoH.

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