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It's only your personal data if it has your personal details on it.

It doesn't and wouldn't have.

A huge part of the problem was that it was not possible to tell if this was/is/would be true or not. It was very opaque as to what information was involved, who would have access to it, and what form it would take.

In particular it was not clear whether signing-up was advantageous or not, or whether not signing-up would compromise the care one might receive in future.

On the details provided it was impossible for anyone to make an informed decision as to what they should do.

Additionally it was opt-in by default with no easy way to opt-out. And once opted-in there was no way to opt-out later. As noted, many people were not even aware of the proposals and what they were being opted in to because they did not receive notification, though possibly through binning it as an anonymous junk-mailshot which it appeared to be.

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